Tom Harvey
Yoga Emporium Online Store - UK

BlooM Yoga Bags is one of our favourite suppliers to deal with for many reasons. Firstly the quality of their products is fantastic, they clearly have an eye for detail and quality control in the manufacturing process. Secondly Iris has very similar social values to us and it is clear that these bags are made with love in good working conditions by people being paid a fair wage. Thirdly Iris is both incredibly friendly and also very efficient and professional. She is happy to go above and beyond for her customers and even helped write some of my Wedding Speech in Dutch to which I am eternally grateful. And finally we love Bloom Yoga Bags because the bags are FUN, both collections! And the FlowerLee bags really brightens up our studio and shop and brings a ray of sunlight into the world for people who purchase these lovely bags :-)




Claudia Heijdel
Founder School of Do-In Yoga - The Netherlands

I got to know Iris as a very clear person, with a lot of compassion. She is very passionate about her ideas and results and dares to take risks to do fair entrepreneurship and improve her products. She chooses her risks wisely. It’s great to be her customer and her friend at the same time and see her growth as a person and entrepreneur. She is very good in distinguishing business and privat contact, which is an inspiration for me. I love her Ragbag, since it is a very personal bag made from used tea bags, so every Ragbag looks different. It’s also very handy that the Ragbag is water-resistant. Thank you Iris!



Cecilia Gotherstrom
Owner of Ahimsa & Satya yogacentre - Sweden

As a yoga teacher teaching at different places all the time and travelling by bus, bike, train and tram between classes I am very, very happy with my BlooM Yoga - FlowerLee bag from Iris´s company. Not only does it allow me to bring my mat in an almost weightless form while the durable material keeps it dry from the rain, the happy design makes me smile every time I walk past my Bloom Yoga Bag standing in the hallway several times per day. Thank you Iris!
Ahimsa & Satya 


Vandana Jankipersadsing
Art of Living teacher
 - International
I have been using my BlooM Yoga Bag for the last 3 years now and I am very happy with it. I like the fabric, the cheerful design, the reasonable price. A big plus is the fact that Iris cares about leaving a positive footprint on this earth. My close friends also got their yogabag from Bloom!'
Art of living Rijswijk 


Jean-Baptiste Dégez
Owner online Yogastore Tayronalife - France 

The BlooM RagBag concept immediately struck us as a good idea. Not only is it good for the environment, but it also benefits the workers who make it. And on top of that, it is a great product to use for your everyday yoga class! We are thrilled to offer it to French yoga practicioners and hope we will continue doing so for a very long time. Thank you Iris for a great product, and the excellent service you always provided! 

Anita Abrahamsen
Manager Yogaloftet -  Oslo, Norway

We at Yogaloftet were so incredibly excited when we came across Ragbag Collection from BlooM Yoga Bags! These great bags fit perfectly into our eco-friendly product profile. Our students have received the products with open arms and are very interested in supporting this great project. The bags looks great! Every bag has its own look. And when made ​​of recycled material,and also waterproof to fit the Norwegian climate: This is a winner! We would really recommend other environmentally conscious yoga studios to have this product for sale. 

Daniela Sauerwald
Owner Yoga store Om Inside - Germany

'We love the Ragbags of BlooM because they are individually and all look very nice.  It's great that the Ragbags are made by used materials. That fits perfectly in our Concept'. 

Melita Hoefnagel
Owner of Yoga voor een Ieder - The Netherlands

"I find the Ragbag yoga bag totally amazing. If I bike or walk, and the bag is on my back, I have been approached a number of times and people make a compliment about the bag. The bag, made from old tea bags, is quite original. The bag is practical and also thicker yoga mats fit in it. There is also a pocket on the side which is perfect for my wallet and cell phone.  That is very handy when I teach at the beach.  The material is water-resistant. Only one time when it rained really hard and long and I was on my bike, the seams were a bit moist. But that dried very fast. I am very happy with the bag and could not do without."


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