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In need of some serious silence....?

We all know these days when it's just toooooo much. Your head doesn't stop thinking and you realize that your 'to do list' is still as long as weeks ago. Time to step back and give that nerve system a break. A mediation retreat is a good way to gain some peace of mind. It gives you the opportunity to step out of the Bizzy Ness, which will always continue unless YOU make it stop.

Luckely there plenty of great place to join a retreat, all over the world. Just take a look at to This website offers a full view on the meditation retreats on the planet. You can search on price, place etc. and the locations are mostly on beautiful places in nature.

We wish you lots of inner peace!
Ohm Santi.



BlooM Yoga Bags

- Loving the planet -

BlooM Yoga Bags offers yoga mat bags of recycled materials and natural fabrics. The bags are made by local initiatives which support communities in developing areas. We are grateful to show our love for yoga, the planet and all living beings in these beautiful yoga bags.

May all beings be happy!


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