'Leaving a positive footprint on the planet'
The Ragbag yoga bag
Recycled - fair made - water-resistant

Who made this cool, recycled, water-resistant yoga mat bag?
The employees of the organization Raghu in India collect big used bags. Tea was transported and kept dry in these super size bags. This strong, water-resistant, very cool material is very suitable and ideal for bags. Each bag has a unique print for each tea bag is different. This project generates employment and income for 20 women in a small village in Tamil Nadu (South India). In addition, the materials are used again instead of being thrown away and become even more waste. Ragbag sells bags successfully for years of this material worldwide. And now there is a yoga bag designed in collaboration with BlooM Yoga Bags.
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The FlowerLee yoga bag collection

What about this crazy, fair made, water-resistant yoga mat bag?
This colorful collection consists of 6 bright, crazy colors. The material is water-resistant and alle bags are made in Europa. Just as the Ragbag collection the bag has an adjustable strap. So it doesn't matter if you are wearing you winter coat or just a summer t-shirt, this bag fits!
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